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Yesterday my daughter and little granddaughters  came for a visit.  As soon as they pulled up, my daughter said Olivia exclaimed “Look at Meme’s flowers, oh I LOVE THEM!”  They were just poppies along the side of the house, their bright orange jumping out in contrast to the green.  I wondered if years from now Olivia will look at orange poppies and remember my garden.  Every time I see creeping phlox under a tree, I think of my grandmother’s garden and a rush of childhood memories comes back to me . I am glad for flowers that visit us ever season, bringing sweet memories of places we have been, and  loved ones that have passed on.

I am off work for eight glorious days. I am looking forward to slowing down and enjoying  long mornings in bed, getting my garden in order, and a few short road trips.  There is much joy in these late spring days. Flowers blooming, a few days off,  and finally being outside after a winter spent inside.   The last days of May are as full of promise as the orange poppies dancing in the breeze on a windy spring day.

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I am thinking of lilac trees, that shook their purple plumes,

and when the sash was open, spread fragrance through the room.”Anna Stevens

The season only comes once a year, but it is one I look forward to every year…lilac season.  I have two bushes. This time of year I wonder why I don’t have them scattered throughout my entire backyard!  I look out the window and see the delicate purple blooms blowing in the wind, the spring rain gently falling on their leaves, and watch as they slowly open their flowers in the warm sunshine.  I pick bouquets and scatter them around my home filling the rooms with their fragrance.  I don’t think there is a season quite as lovely and sweet as when the lilacs bloom.

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The forget-me-not’s are blooming at The Old Parsonage now.   On each side of the stone walkway tiny delicate blue flowers are growing wild among the tulips.  Often I hear someone say they are a bothersome weed and tear them out.  (I always wonder at their appreciation of beauty, and silently question their taste!)  I let them spring up where they will and delight in each wild flower. When summer sun fades their blooms, then I pull them up; shaking them as I pull.  The seeds scatter and  I know I can look forward to another spring with delicate blue flowers covering my garden.

This year I have a new reason to adore this flower…our little granddaughter had her picture taken with them.  My daughter has a home photography business, and I think these are just about the sweetest pictures she has taken.  I’m not  partial of course! 🙂

Many years from now when the forget-me-not’s bloom, I will think of our Addie. Her eyes are the color of the flowers, her tiny hands studying and holding the petals, her little face as delicate as a blossom, and looking sweeter than a field of spring wildflowers.

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Yellow Promise

“The daffodils tossed their heads in the wind, waiting for the first of the sunshine, the first of the warmth.”  Rosamunde Pilcher

After the gray of winter, the bright yellow daffodils and forsythia are the first to announce the arrival of spring.  Daffodils are grown here commercially, so we celebrate the season in a big way. Make that a very big way!  First we see the bright yellow rows in the fields, then yellow blooms adorn almost every yard, business, and kitchen table.   The season culminates with the Daffodil Parade and crowning of the Daffodil Queen.  Yesterday I picked up  a recipe at a local business for Daffodil Cake.  I thought about baking it for Easter and wondered about putting a few daffodils on top of the cake…would that be too much?

On cold rainy spring days, daffodils blooming in the valley are a promise that winter is never forever and warm sunny days will return.  I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate!

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Spring Porch

I am so happy that spring has finally arrived!  I love snow, but I am not a fan of cold rainy days.  My front porch got a spring make-over to celebrate the season.    Who decided we don’t need porches anymore?  New homes seem to build decks in the back yard; but there is something so charming and welcoming in a front porch.  I love my front porch. It is a great place to just relax with a cool drink and visit with neighbors walking by.

I found a forsythia wreath for spring and bought some silk branches to match. (I have to pull my door curtains for our little dog…he is determined to look out the window on the door and guard our home!)

After the gray colors of winter, spring parades her colors in bright happy blooms.  “For the rains are over and gone, the  flowers appear on the earth, the time for singing has come…” Around here the rains are not gone; but my heart  is singing with the arrival of warmer rain, and the flowers that are appearing on the earth.

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Signs of Spring

Last night the wind blew strong and fierce through the mountains.  The little towns in the foothills hunkered down for a rainy windy night.  As the cold wind hit my window, I went to bed thinking of the story my co-worker Rose told me of a fable from her home country of Iran.  Gentle spring begins to creep up on fierce winter, slowly and steadily bringing warmer days and blossoms.  Seeing spring beginning to push him away, cold winter shakes his fist and blows hard, sending wind, rain, and storms.  But the persistent gentleness of  spring eventually wins the fight with winter. Winter retreats, shaking his fist that he will be back!

Despite winter shaking his fist, I see signs of spring everywhere.  Tiny pink blooms beginning to sprout.  And green, oh…the glorious color of green.

(My daughter took this photo, isn’t she good!)

The very best thing about spring is remembering back four years ago when we welcomed our granddaughter Olivia.  The day she was born I remember driving home from the hospital and seeing that the daffodils had bloomed early that year. They are grown commercially in the valley and shipped all over the world.  The fields were bright yellow and they seemed to celebrate the tiny life just born.

Her spirit has been like a little daffodil; bright, happy, and leaving the sweetest fragrance everywhere she goes.  Happy birthday to my little daffodil, Olivia.  May you always be a bit of spring even in the coldest winter.

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Baby It’s Cold

We have gotten to be weather wimps  living in western Washington.  For most of the winter, rain wraps us in mild wet weather.  While the rest of the county has suffered through snow and ice, we have had such nice weather I have almost felt guilty.   Until yesterday.  Snow began falling before lunch and softly still falls tonight.  The forecast is for bitter cold temperatures dropping into the teens to follow the snow.

The primroses I planted during our sunny warm days are draped with a towel to try to protect them. The towel is now covered with a layer of  snow.  The basket of primroses were easier to protect; I just moved them into the house.  At least our grand-daughter has had fun playing in the snow.  Bundled up, she delighted in playing outside as the snow fell in big fluffy flakes around her.

My husband just came in from outside with a blast of cold air following him in. “Baby it’s cold outside!” he yells.  Ice is now forming on the sidewalks and streets.   I sigh…so much for our early spring.

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