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Simply Listening

“When we listen as if we were in a temple, honoring each persons words as valuable and sacred, all kinds of possibilities can happen; miracles can occur.”  Author Unknown

I tore this quote from a magazine years ago and put it on my desk when I was a school nurse. At the start of every school day, I would read it and remind myself to listen intently to the students coming in.  It was my daily reminder to listen close enough to find out what their hearts were speaking as well as their words.  

Last week I sat on the ocean by the fire and listened to a stranger tell me her stories.  Her work, her hopes, her dreams for the future.  Listening to another person, their frustrations and lessons they are learning, is becoming a simple pleasure for me.  To be trusted with their truth, their life, their fears and hopes.  I’m a slow learner, it has taken me years to get to the place where I don’t have to tell my story. To listen, to ask questions, allowing their story to unfold at its own pace.  I’m still not there yet… I can’t deny that I am still a talker.  But I am finding enormous pleasure from simply listening.

Linking with Dayle as we share our Simple Pleasures.  Now tell me your stories…when did someone honor you with their story?  What did you learn when you sat and simply listened?


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