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I am thinking of lilac trees, that shook their purple plumes,

and when the sash was open, spread fragrance through the room.”Anna Stevens

The season only comes once a year, but it is one I look forward to every year…lilac season.  I have two bushes. This time of year I wonder why I don’t have them scattered throughout my entire backyard!  I look out the window and see the delicate purple blooms blowing in the wind, the spring rain gently falling on their leaves, and watch as they slowly open their flowers in the warm sunshine.  I pick bouquets and scatter them around my home filling the rooms with their fragrance.  I don’t think there is a season quite as lovely and sweet as when the lilacs bloom.


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Spring Porch

I am so happy that spring has finally arrived!  I love snow, but I am not a fan of cold rainy days.  My front porch got a spring make-over to celebrate the season.    Who decided we don’t need porches anymore?  New homes seem to build decks in the back yard; but there is something so charming and welcoming in a front porch.  I love my front porch. It is a great place to just relax with a cool drink and visit with neighbors walking by.

I found a forsythia wreath for spring and bought some silk branches to match. (I have to pull my door curtains for our little dog…he is determined to look out the window on the door and guard our home!)

After the gray colors of winter, spring parades her colors in bright happy blooms.  “For the rains are over and gone, the  flowers appear on the earth, the time for singing has come…” Around here the rains are not gone; but my heart  is singing with the arrival of warmer rain, and the flowers that are appearing on the earth.

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Home Alone!

Tomorrow everyone at our house (but me!) goes back to work and back to their daily routines.  This holiday season we have had colds, a hyper shedding puppy, and bitter cold with snow.  Mom had a small stroke and came to stay for two days to recover. Our son came home from the city to visit, and grandchildren stopped in.  Life has been wonderful, messy, and crazy.  I have cooked, and cleaned, and cooked and cleaned…well, you get the idea. Nothing in my home is in order, and everything needs a good cleaning.  I know this is an illusion, but when my home is in order, I feel like life is manageable.   Tomorrow I look forward to just being home alone; to turn on the music and begin to bring beauty and order out of the mess. And just maybe I will be able to find a moment to sit by the fire and sip a cup of tea before they all come home again.

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“And now let us welcome the New Year;  full of things that have never been.”  Rainer Maria Rilke

A crisp, cold sunrise over the mountains welcomed 2011 at our house.  I looked out and saw the sliver of moon and the pink in the sky as the sun came up over our little town.  Grabbing the camera, I ran upstairs and snatched a fleeting moment as the sun rose over a brand new year.  A new year, full of hopes, dreams and promises.

Yesterday I prepared the old parsonage to welcome the year.  I put away the tree and the decorations, tidied up the house a bit and did up the laundry.  It is symbolic I know, welcoming the new year to a clean and orderly home.   It is nice to leave the tree up through the holiday,  but I seem to want to quiet the noise of a season of extravagance.  I spent the morning saying prayers for family, and blessing someone I have struggled to forgive.  Welcome 2011!  May it bring blessing to not only my family and home, but a time of prosperity again to our nation.  And for the world…I pray for grace, mercy, and peace.

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You care for the land and water it; you enrich it abundantly.  The streams of God are filled with water to provide the people with grain, for so you have ordained it.  You drench its furrows and level its ridges; you soften it with showers and bless its crops.  You crown the year with bounty and your carts overflow with abundance.  The grasslands of the deserts overflow; the hills are clothed with gladness.  The meadows are covered with flocks and the valleys are mantled with grain; they shout for joy and sing.”

Psalms 65: 1-11

Today we woke to another light dusting of snow.  The trees look like someone sprinkled powered sugar over the branches.  From my kitchen window I can see the birds fly in and perch on the limbs for the feed my husband puts out.  Looking out the window, I think of the new year and what will come in 2011.  I read in Abbey of the Arts Christine’s challenge  to find a word for the new year;  to pray and ponder that word for the year.  It struck a chord within my soul and I have pondered what that word would be.  I finally decided…my word for 2011 is blessed. I am blessed, my children are blessed, and we are blessing to others.  So many times I look at life through a filter of lack instead of blessing.  This year I want to look at my life through a filter of blessings.  Seeing all the blessings that surround me, being thankful for them, and a greater awareness that I am blessed, and to claim that for my children.  It is my hope for 2011 that I will be a blessing to to others as well.  It is a new word for a new year.  Do you have a word for 2011 or a goal?

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It is a busy day this December 24th at The Old Parsonage.  Yesterday I spent the day with mom at the hospital, and finally convinced her doctor she should come home.  It seems like once you get admitted to a hospital, it is hard to break  out!  The more mom was there, the more confused she became.  She is staying at our house for a few days to recover from her small stroke.

I have lots of cooking to do today;  cheese rolls to make, cookies, a new cake recipe to try, pecan tarts, dough for rolls, and perhaps setting the big dining room table for tomorrow.  In the midst of all the activities, I hope to take a few moments to get out and walk and enjoy nature. To say a prayer for family who lost a loved one last week, and ponder the mystery of  Immanuel,  “God with us”.  In our happiness…in our struggles…with us always.  That is something to celebrate, to ponder, and to rejoice over.  I wish you a moment in the busyness of the season to let the wonder of God coming to be with us, is still with us, bring joy and comfort to your soul.

O Come O come Immanuel…

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Christmas cooking is gearing up at our house this week.   Several years ago I was given a plate of pizzelle cookies for Christmas.  They are traditional Italian cookies that are made with a hot iron press.  They are a crisp slightly sweet cookie, and sooo wonderful!  Ever since, I have wanted to buy a pizzelle maker.  This year I finally splurged and bought one!  Today I tried it out, and in no time I had made 80 cookies.  After they cooled, I put them into tin  boxes lined with wax paper and tied with ribbon.  I think they will be a nice gift for neighbors and a few friends. Since they are not that sweet, they should be perfect for my diabetic friends.

I kept the granddaughters a few days ago while my daughter and husband wrapped up their Christmas shopping.  I had bought a ginger bread house kit for Olivia to decorate.  What a surprise…when we opened the box, it was already put together. We just had to add the icing and candy!

I stopped by a smoke shop today and picked up smoked cheese and salmon for our Christmas Eve family party.  The man who owns the shop ask me if I was ready for Christmas.  I had to laugh…women work straight through till Christmas preparing the special treats to eat, and the Christmas dinner.  We may have our shopping done, but few of us are completely ready for the holiday.  At our house, grocery shopping still needs to be done, as well as working on the menu and preparing for the dinner.  But the food is such a part of the holiday, and it is fun to make beautiful edible gifts for friends.  In the next few days Mrs. Santa is going to be busy in the kitchen!  What are you making for your family and friends this year?

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