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I am thinking of lilac trees, that shook their purple plumes,

and when the sash was open, spread fragrance through the room.”Anna Stevens

The season only comes once a year, but it is one I look forward to every year…lilac season.  I have two bushes. This time of year I wonder why I don’t have them scattered throughout my entire backyard!  I look out the window and see the delicate purple blooms blowing in the wind, the spring rain gently falling on their leaves, and watch as they slowly open their flowers in the warm sunshine.  I pick bouquets and scatter them around my home filling the rooms with their fragrance.  I don’t think there is a season quite as lovely and sweet as when the lilacs bloom.


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About 12 years ago, just after we built the picket fence, my husband built an arbor for me to grow roses over.   Soon I was researching antique climbing roses and decided on one called Cecile Brunner.  She was an old rose, with tiny pink roses that bloomed in spring.  I planted one on each side of the arbor and soon they met and begin to get thicker and thicker.  We trimmed her, and she would pop right back, healthy and beautiful.  Soon pink roses covered the arbor and in May she became a traffic stopper.  People would refer to our house as the one with the rose arbor and often we would see someone stop to take pictures.  We even had a television movie shot at our house when the roses bloomed.  OK… so maybe the movie wasn’t that great, but the roses and the house were lovely.   She made our home magical in May; like a story book cottage out of a fairy tale.

This winter was a strange one in the northwest.  Bitter cold days, non stop rain and wind, and the coldest April on record.  This May, Cecile Brunner not only didn’t bloom, but didn’t have one green leaf.  I had to finally admit it, we lost her this winter. Despite this being such a cold, rainy spring, it is still the season of life and hope.  I will plant again.

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