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Yesterday my daughter and little granddaughters  came for a visit.  As soon as they pulled up, my daughter said Olivia exclaimed “Look at Meme’s flowers, oh I LOVE THEM!”  They were just poppies along the side of the house, their bright orange jumping out in contrast to the green.  I wondered if years from now Olivia will look at orange poppies and remember my garden.  Every time I see creeping phlox under a tree, I think of my grandmother’s garden and a rush of childhood memories comes back to me . I am glad for flowers that visit us ever season, bringing sweet memories of places we have been, and  loved ones that have passed on.

I am off work for eight glorious days. I am looking forward to slowing down and enjoying  long mornings in bed, getting my garden in order, and a few short road trips.  There is much joy in these late spring days. Flowers blooming, a few days off,  and finally being outside after a winter spent inside.   The last days of May are as full of promise as the orange poppies dancing in the breeze on a windy spring day.

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Here Comes the Sun

“Little darling, its been a long and lonely winter.  Little darling, it seems like years since its been here.  Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, it’s all right.

Don’t you just love that song by the Beatles?  It runs through my head when we get one of those rare beautiful sunny days in the middle of winter.  While the rest of the nation is getting slammed with snow, the pacific northwest is having a mild rainy winter.  Today the sun shined, so I spent the afternoon working in the garden and found a few signs of spring.

I am not sure what kind of plant this is, it is in my neighbor’s yard.  It seems to always bloom early.  I love anything blooming that is pink, and have some arctic pansies and cabbage planted in my porch planter.  As I raked the flower beds, I noticed the daffodils coming up and almost ready to begin blooming. They bring the reminder that winter is not forever.  It just seems like it sometimes…

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